Anthony Moore & the Missing Present Band

ReiheM Showcase

(Slapp Happy, RVNG Intl, A-Musik - GER)

Anthony Moore, for 20 years professor for the history and theory of sound at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, has long been known for writing texts and essays on the archaeology of sound and technical apparatus. He also worked as lyricist with Pink Floyd and has written and recorded many songs, compositions and albums over the last 40 years.
Anthony Moore:
In music, if you cannot define the frequency of a note because it happens to be an irrational number, then how can you know when you heard it? At which moment in time did you actually hear the mid-point of the well-tempered octave? It is another way of asking, “when is now?” – another way of saying “The Present is Missing”.
Anthony Moore and the Missing Present Band explore, in an unlikely combination of experimental music and song, the uncertain world of our perceptions. When Bowie asks “where are we now”, Moore and the Missing Present Band ask, “what is time?’. This is the journey of an ear through the history of noise, thinking about time at the speed of sound. The material is experimental, with improvised electronics and voice – poetic texts and songs emerge from dark and noisy atmospheres.
Instrumentation : Anthony Moore, Martin Rumori, Dirk Specht, Volker Hennes and Tobias Grewenig