Different Fountains

(Different Fountains, meakusma - BE)

Imagine a highway rest stop at the crossroad of intergalactic travel routes somewhere in the vast void explored by human kind. The only shelter is a diner which appears to be something between a cosy bar and run down night club. It’s crowded and the warm yet excited atmosphere is a welcome change to the loneliness and cold of space. This often cited part of an imaginary future might be the perfect setting to listen to Different Fountains.
Different Fountains cultivate an evolving and at the same time resolving sound. Their way off using well-known elements of contemporary electronic music quickly placed them on the leftfield music radar Bernardo Risquez and Michael Langeder fuse influences off diverse sources. By pushing and questioning the boundaries of genre, performance or even simple attributes like danceable Different Fountains seem to resolve existing standards.
It’s a place off possibilities. Just like a future intergalactic rest stop where current cultural categories are forgotten and have resolved into an open conglomerate: a save haven on a trip through uncertainty.