Edition D’art

(Kashual Plastik – DE/FR)

Lathe Burin and Laure Boer decided to leave the planet for a while. They transformed themselves into Edition d’art, a creative entity, that likes to write postcards in form of colorful sound miniatures. featuring Laure Boer singing and reading to manipulated found-sounds, synth-gamelan-textures, Accordion psychedelics, weeping ambient loops, droning guitar feedbacks and metallic blues-folk dreamscapes. Deeply enchanting sculptures beyond the normal rules of melody, harmony, or rhythm. Instead, they explore unmarked sound sceneries derived from obscure sources and other psychic fields of inspiration. A journey without movement. A trip to foreign places, propelled by the bygone social media of yesterday:
Their recitation evokes melancholic mind trips, catered by gloomy grooves and melodies. They all travel far, while staying close. Through them the traveling life of others became Edition d’art, while Edition d’art became the traveling life of others – an attractive manic monument of many spirits, ready to witch whatever needs to be witched. Written memories, converted into transient music while proofing an old wise saying: the future is the worst thing about the present.