Hiele Martens Clark

(Ultra Eczema - BE)

With a debut EP on Ultra Eczema (april – may 2017), Hiele Martens, or the unexpected collaboration of Lieven Martens Moana and Roman Hiele, produced the most challenging music we have heard since long. They delve deep into a new territory that can be a 2017 update of Maurice Kagel’s Exotica, but for highly self-aware electronic musicians. (Niels Latomme and De Neus, Kraak)
However for this occasion the duo of Hiele Martens expands with including the inventor of “Clark’s Scale”. Thus building a complete chorus of modern impressionism.
Roman Hiele, of Hiele and The Mechanics // Spencer Clark, of Typhonian Highlife and The Skaters // Lieven Martens, of Dolphins Into The Future and Hiele Martens