Julien Desprez

(Morphine, Dark Tree – FR)

plays Agora


Performing solo with only his guitar and effects pedals as instruments themselves, his performance is a true performance that engages all the senses. The body is at the heart of his practice, and one theme still fuels his work today: what to do with bodies and their generated movements through music?

Originally conceived as a recorded sound piece, ‘Agora’ was created during the November 2020 confinement.

‘Agora’ is also a piece for electronics, impedance games, electric guitar and podoryhtmy, created during the autumn 2020 confinement and presented during the Italian Festival Cataclisma.

If Agora refers to the meeting place of the city, of the town, where the people come together, Agora also means “now” in Portuguese. Agora is twofold and plays from several points of view. A soft, explosive and joyful trance brings together podorythmics, high voltage electricity, guitar and body until their rupture and reconciliation. With playfulness and frenzy, a multiple world is negotiated through your listening.

‘Agora’ plunges us into the jungle of impedance. A jungle where the air is dry and moist and where the trees, a little too bright green, burn from within. Crackling under our steps, the road reveals a few shadows in the middle of the mud, dancing in a tap dance. The blackout is our vehicle, the electric tension our fuel.

©Jean Pascal Retel
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