Martin Brandlmayer

pres. Vive les fantômes

(Thrill Jockey - AT)

Vive les fantômes
Vive les fantômes is based on short samples from interviews, rehearsal recordings and concerts by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Billie Holiday, Jacques Derrida, Chris Marker and many more, who disappear and reappear over and over in a web of constantly changing shape.
Vive les fantômes is communication perpendicular to space and time and across the borders of language and music – a kind of acoustic cinema with non-linear narration. The concert version of the piece transports us into an instrumentarium – partly played by Martin Brandlmayr, partly filled with sound via transducer – which becomes a body that contains reappearing resonances from the past and finally connects with the present to form something alive and new. (Martin Brandlmayr)
«With Vive les fantômes, Martin Brandlmayr has crafted a completely novel experiment that works as a love letter to the ‹sound› of sound.» (Daniel Sylvester, Exclaim Magazine)

«Austrian drummer/composer Martin Brandlmayr’s award winning radio opera Vive Les Fantômes (Long live the Ghosts) combines spoken word and jazz samples with experimental electronics and percussion to create a dialogue across time and genres. » (Andrew Forell, Dusted Magazine)