Michael Ranta & Timo Van Luijk

La Scie Dorée Showcase

(Metaphon, La Scie Dorée - GER / BE)

Percussionist Michael Ranta (US, 1942) is a key figure in the world of contemporary avantgarde music. He studied with a.o. Lejaren Hiller and Herbert Brün, recorded and performed in all Harry Partch productions between 1960 and 1968, worked in Europe with LachenmannKagelStockhausenRiedl… including a multi-media event for the Olympics in München, 1972. Moving to Asia in 1972 he taught music history and percussion. Meanwhile he performed with a.o. Takehisa KosugiToshi IchiyanagiToru Takemitsu and worked in the electronic music broadcast studio in Tokyo (NHK). He was also part of the legendary group ‘Wired’with Mike LewisKarl Heinz Böttner and Conny Plank (cfr. the great LP on the Deutsche Grammophon box set ‘Free Improvisation’.) Moving back to Germany in 1980 he formed the percussion group Transit, worked with Jean Claude Eloy and did numerous performances in Europe. Ranta won several prizes and released a couple of magnificent solo albums on his label Asian Sound Recordings and also provided music for theatre, dance and documentary film. In his works he brilliantly masters and balances the discipline of a composer, the freedom of an improvisor and the spirit of oriental tradition.
Originally from Finland but now resident in Belgium, Timo van Luijk is an autodidact sound artist/composing improviser working with acoustic instruments (strings, wind, percussion) and various (sound) objects.
He started his musical excursions with some obscure local projects in the mid 80’s and following sound studies/research he formed the experimental music/multimedia collective Noise-Maker’s Fifes together with Geert Feytons in 1989. Simultaneously he slowly developed his personal musical activities as Af Ursin with regular releases since 1996.
Apart from his solo work he has done frequent collaborations with Christoph Heemann (In Camera) and Limpe Fuchs, Kris Vanderstraeten, Raymond Dijkstra (Asra), Andrew Chalk (Elodie), Frederik Croene and is member of the group Onde together with Greg Jacobs and Marc Wroblewski (both from Noise Maker’s Fifes).