(Testtoon – BE)

oubys, {oubis} non linear time event; quantum condition in time/mattertranslation or transformation
Oubys is the brain network alternator from Belgium, producing sounds that
physically affect your synapses. His music, merging synth sequences with
rhythmical patterns, explores the melody of the subconsciousness.
Subsequently shifting from atmosphere, contrast and sources, the signals
produce a stream of events from a parallel world that invites as much as it
Sense of time and timing continuously bulge, expanding the listeners horizon,
driven by an unknown dark energetic halo.
What energy that it might be, Oubys’s progressive pulsations and ultra sub
bass manifestations create the utmost frequency level of your resonating body.
The fluctuating atmosphere of his tracks is both contemplative and meditative,
inviting listeners to dive deep into a parallel state of consciousness.