Phantom Kino Ballett

Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny

(Cómeme, Alarm - GER)

Phantom Kino Ballett is an audiovisual drama by Lena Willikens and Sarah Szczesny.


On stage the artists perform an hallucinogenic audio mix to a 54minutes long experimantal music video, combining quotations of movie scenes, interview extracts and spoken word with painting and collage in motion and including club refences like strobe light and smoke machine.


Phantom Kino Ballett is sound fragment and black theatre,

Holly Woodlawn´s nervous breakdowns, strobe and dancemusic, arpeggiated anime, Mario Montez´ mobilee, kinetic costume and Maria Callas´ chiffre.


As the Phantom Kino Ballett is by self-concept a processual piece of work, goverend by the performance places in the way they use costums, the sculptural interpretations of the stage, the specific musical mix as well as the integration of lights and smog.
The world of the phantoms is constantly morphing. Under the black light the painted bodies on the outfits get suddenly visible. By using those costums the artists disappear and the phantoms appear.