Early Birds Tickets 2018

For the 2018 Meakusma Festival which will take place from September 7 till September 9, we have decided to launch a limited amount of ‘Early Bird’ tickets a bit earlier than usual. As was the case before, there will be two waves of ‘Early Bird’ tickets with tickets in the first wave costing 50€ while tickets in the second wave will set you back 60€. The normal ticket price for next year’s festival will be 70€. The first wave will end on December 24.
The camping site right next to the venue will again be available. People with a hankering for camping have to buy a festival ticket that includes the camping option, to avoid those that have reserved a place on the camping not showing up. In addition, cheap rooms are available on a first come, first served basis in the youth hostel in Eupen, a mere ten minutes walk from the festival site.
So there you have it, an early Christmas present if you will. All of us at meakusma are already planning the 2018 festival which will again take place in the Alter Schlachthof in Eupen. We hope to see you there.