Festival specials

Meakusma has always had the intention to broaden its festival’s scope with workshops, screenings, installations and more. The 2018 edition of the festival will mark the most extensive and varied offer of specials in the festival’s short history.
A very exciting prospect is the Modular Organ System V, constructed out of 93 organ pipes purchased and collected from organ builders and churches throughout southern Germany. Developed by Choose Records owner Konrad Sprenger and Phillip Sollmann, known also under his club alias Efdemin, the system is powered by a central wind machine and triggered by midi data, creating a unique variety of glitches, drones and arpeggios. The Modular Organ System V will be on show at the Eupen galery for contemporary art Vorn Und Oben. A concert by Sollmann and Sprenger manipulating the organ in real time on Thursday September 6th will serve as the installation’s opening as well as the start of the festival.

Chris Watson, one of the world’s leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena and former member of the legendary Cabaret Voltaire, will be at the festival for three days during which Watson and Touch label co-founder Mike Harding will take a small group of people on soundwalks and a nightly recording session next to giving introductions to their own work and the art of field recording in
general. The recordings made during the workshop will later be published as an audio CD.
The garden of the Alter Schlachthof will host the unique Claustrum, a new enclosed sound and concert space in the shape of a temple dome, built using 10.000 recycled plastic bottles. Intended to be a musical entity in which artists and audience alike can experience different forms of ambisonic compositions, the Claustrum will host various talks and lectures during the festival as well as serve as an aesthetic point of reference that is as quirky as it is futuristic.

The Gonzo (circus) magazine will be accompanying 8 to 10 writers throughout the festival, the result of their (gonzo) journalism published on the Gonzo (circus) blog. The intention here is to clarify what is needed and required, writing about culture for professional publications. Audiovisual artist Floris Vanhoof has developed the Talking Gongs installation which will be built up in the garden of the Alter Schlachthof. Talking Gongs combines homemade musical circuits with abandoned projection technologies for audiovisual installations, expanded cinema performances and music releases.
All Sounds Considered, a documentary in two parts exploring the state of sound and silence without dogmas or preconceived ideas, will be screened during the festival. A voyage into contemporary sonic media, All Sounds Considered leaves the beaten track and irritates as much as it profoundly seduces. The much lauded Self-Performative Audio-Guide, developed by Brussels-based artist David Helbich, has been a part of the festival since its inception. The audio guide takes you on a very personal trip through the wilderness; leaving behind the safety of any common ground.

The legendary A-Musik record store has been at the heart of Cologne’s left of center and experimental music scene ever since it was founded in 1995. For the full duration of the festival, A-Musik will be selling records, offering their wide-ranging and eclectic selection on top of releases by artists performing at the festival. Last but not least, a festival newspaper is in the works, boasting texts, essays and interviews. The newspaper will be available exclusively at the festival. Local designer with international reknown Kaspar Hamacher will provide special furniture items for the festival audience’s physical and aesthetic comfort.
For more detailed information, it is advised to head over to the ‘specials’ section where all practical information about workshops, installations, etc. is to be found.