meakusma shorts

The Meakusma Shorts is a new addition to the Meakusma Festival program. It features a selection of short and experimental films intent on creating an experience for the audience. All the adventurous filmmakers of the presented films have created a film often without even using a camera, starting from an experiment on film as a physical means of recording. It is about image, but also about optical sound present on celluloid film. It is about recycling existing material or exploring the opportunities of computer technology at an early stage in its development. The use of sound in these films is often far ahead of its time. The importance of sound in these films has often not received the recognition it deserves as it always served the almighty visual power of the image. Meakusma shorts has the ambition to offer film screenings for an audience aware of the visionary power of the ears.
The following films will make up the program of the Meakusma Shorts
Allures, Jordan Belson, Usa, 1961
Iris, Pierre Rovere, Canada, 1976
Trama, Christian Lebrat, France, 1980
At a Same Time Expose Both Sides, Jun’ichi Okuyama, Jap, 1990
Passage à l’acte, Martin Arnold, Austria, 1993
Exposed, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 2001