54 Sound

(54 Kolaktiv - BE)


54 SOUND is a complete handcrafted soundsystem by 54Kolaktiv and friends.The collective had been organising all kinds of parties with different genres in Brussels for almost 10 years. They felt a strong lack of mobile and quality soundsystems in Brussels, and spend a big budget on renting expensive systems for their parties. Inspired by Jamaican and freeparty culture, they dreamed of building their own sound.

Through a crowdfunding campaign on and benefit parties, they collected the necessary budget to turn that dream in reality. The system was crafted during a workshop in September 2014, led under the experience of  two respected Belgian reggae crews, Jahmbassador Hi-Fi & Ionyouth Sound. 54Kolaktiv now organises party with their sound, but also rents it to other organisations and for other events.

The 4WAY CONTROLLED SOUNDSYSTEM is built in birch wood. It has 4 separate frequency layers (low bass, upper bass, mid and high frequencies), cross-over, equalizer, customized pre-amplifier,  …

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