29.08 – 01.09



(Lukas De Clerck & Dries Peeters)


Friday and Saturday @ Alter Schlachthof – 06.09-07.09.2019
‘ABRUIT’ is an ongoing visual and sound performance held in and around a hide-out. The hide-out is the starting point for a bizarre-sounding installation that improvises with objects and the surroundings. The audience can only guess at what is going on inside the shelter, and are drawn into a story of imagination, suggestion and coincidence. ABRUIT uses a hide-out to make itself heard. Lots of arteries connect this central heart with sounding objects, scattered through the environment. An installation with a heart that continuously pumps and puffs. The piece consists of a hidden center from where tubes and wires lead to instruments scattered in the environment. By doing this, it also scans and reveals the acoustics of a space.
Lukas De Clerck
Lukas De Clerck (1994, BE) studied Radio at RITCS. As an artist he focusses on the possibilities of sound as a tool for hiding. Sound allows someone to hide himself/herself, yet still being heard. Using this tension field, his work is a playing-ground between anonymity, illusion and imagination. Themes that are inherently linked to what sound means to him. His work often consist of putting daily human sound production such as sneezing, gargling and whistling in an artistic context.
Lukas De Clerck is also part of Collectief Publiek Geluid (in collaboration with Musica, C-takt), a collective that focusses on sound creation in public space.
Dries Peeters
Dries Peeters (1997, BE) obtained his master’s degree in drawing at Luca School of Arts in Ghent in 2017. He draws pencil portraits inspired by Taoism and illustrations. First and foremost, Dries Peeters is a voice artist, sound artist and craftsman. He likes to influence his voice with electronics to create experimental laments, meditative loops, synthpoppy beats or sometimes even the blues. He was a teenage beatboxer who learned throat singing from YouTube. He often frames his music as part of an artistic installation. Dries is also the singer in the music collective De Zwarte Zusters and part of Collectief Publiek Geluid.
Concept: Lukas De Clerck
Realisation: Lukas De Clerck, Dries Peeters
Composition & performance: Lukas De Clerck, Dries Peeters
In collaboration with Musica, Impulscentre for Music and C-TAKT.



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