(Sound and concert space)

The ‘claustrum’: is a enclosed soundspace build up in recycled/used materials and will function as a ambisonic and spatial sound system. People can experience an ongoing musical and physical experience in the claustrum. The aim is to create a musical entity constructed out of materials of the past to construct a musical experience of the future, wherein an artist and audience can present and experience different forms of ambisonic compositions.
Ambisonic compositions are made especially for the Claustrum by James Tamberollo (Dntel) , Lieven Moana Martens (Dolphins into the future) and Caroline Profanter.
This project has been created in the context of het Parcours d’artistes Forst and Sint-Gillis, Supervlieg and Meakusma Festival .
Production : les ateliers claus, UGent IPEM, Ouest Architecture, Petmat Praag

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