(NoName - BE)


“Daniel[i] represents two aspects of my music production: a repetitive side and a meditative side. I want to mix both concepts as they are really close to each other. Giving it a kind of third sense, the hypnotic part is nothing else than the result of a natural symbiosis. Three concepts combined and tied together, forming a triangle, strong and powerful. I chose to use my real name for this project, as those emotions are the closest ones to my heart and my representation of sounds in general. The dub sound is a good way for me to express that repetitive side. I fell in love instantly with the concept when I heard Maurizio. Later on I discovered Minilogue and more precisely Sebastian Mullaert’s solo projects. Another world opened to myself and I decided to move forward in my own music, trying to bring it to the next level, with jam sessions. Suddenly music became something more real and organic. Since that very moment, I try to jam with every single project I’m working on. I need this feeling of a pattern that can evolve from itself, with different versions, like a flower that grows every time in a different way, like humans as well. I do a lot of field recording, in nature, in the city, everywhere, everything can sound interesting with the right touch and the right treatment. I try to bring those recordings in my music as well to give it a more organic side. The meditative part is important to me because it brings clarity and patience to my mind. It expresses all my positive thoughts, it talks to Gaia and her feelings by combining humans and nature, it tells the story of a lost frequency that found itself close enough to others to make something bigger than itself, something harmonic, something unique and rare, something collective and natural.”

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