(Cosmic Mind Affair - SVN)


Mystery and ambiguity have long been established strategies through which artists can ensure focus remain on their music; for e/tape, who’s originally from Slovenia but spent his last decade between the BalearicIslands and the rest of the planet, it is just his level of commitment to sound.e/tape is a project built on the kind of uniqueness that only arises from a lifetime fulled by a desire to expand his inner self, the outcome is his way of inviting other’s to join on these expanded states of consciousness.To speak broadly, his work could be described as ambient music, though the associations with the heavenly and blissful that this term creates are lost somewhere on the line. Expect your preconceptions about the importance of pulse, tempo and other western musical basics to evaporate in as subtle and rewarding a fashion as possible; his music will likely sound alien to even the most open-minded listener, therein lies his appeal.He’s taken the stage alongside Midori Tikada, Jeff Mills, Monolake, Plastikman, Jan Jelinek, Atom Heart, Burnt Friedman, Kazuya Nagaya, TM404, Ambiq, Mulatu Astatke, Mark Ernestus and Grimes to name a few, on venues that span from Fondazione Prada, Tresor, Experiment Intrinsic or Space Ibiza to Hotel Costes in Paris.

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