Elisa Kühnl

in collaboration with ReiheM

(Ana Ott - DE)

Elisa Kühnl (* 1988 in Oberhausen) lives in Cologne and is a musician and sound artist.
She is part of the Nasssau music collective, author of the grapefruit fanzine, founder of the experimental choir γλώσσα (Glossa) and performs solo with her voice as main instrument.
She questions and expands the usual rules of singing in order to explore spontaneous manifestations of pure sound and noise. Strange, glaring moments in particular offer most fascinating paths of her vocal excursions.
„Her puristic vocal performances are experienced as expressive alienation, the sound of which, however, can be read more in the sense of an electronic sound aesthetic that unfolds almost entirely in different modes of modulation.” (Hubert Steins, Deutschlandfunk)