Fog Puma

(Mystic Moods, Abendlandung - GER/BE)

Originating from a remote village in the forests of Belgium’s east – Meakusma territory – Fog Puma relocated to Berlin in the late nineties. He found his name while watching a surrealistic Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley film in a former sailor tavern in Lisbon, and is always exploring the outer edges of dance music, preferably leftfield or cosmic disco. His dj sets are percussive, tribally, dubby, psychedelic (in a more minimalistic way) and driving relaxed in slower to mid tempo areas. You can clearly hear his interest in new wave, synth pop, and cosmic, with a big touch of african and south american rhythms.
He is currently hosting the Mystic Moods nights at Berlin’s rooftop garden club Klunkerkranich, where he shared the stage with djs and live acts as M.Rux, Don’t DJ, Nu Guinea, Spatz Habibi, Kundan Lal, Len Leise or Islandman, among others. Since 2008, he is presenting the Abendlandung radio show on underground radio station Piradio, where he shares his musical discoveries: everything old and new between ambient, soundtracks, avant garde, minimal music, post punk, downbeat, lysergica, outsider music, strange choirs, and other unusual sounds.