(Lullabies For Insomniacs – GER)

Garland is an electro-acoustic duo consisting of Cologne-based DJ Phillip Jondo and Glasgow-based artist and electronic musician Simon Weins. Freely combining analogue and digital technologies with field recordings and acoustic instrumentation, Garland finds its roots in the duos shared interest in sample-based music and the open-ended possibilities of making multiple versions of tracks found in the dub tradition.
By mixing, processing and editing loop-based improvisations, sonic fields are created in which micro-events can become the basis for extended explorations. Oftentimes those are found in unexpected glitches, feedback or complex effect-chains that are just on the verge on dissolving into chaos. Shaped by seemingly endless possibilities, Garland´s continuation lies in the exploration of the present moment as a portal to the timeless, which is often to be found in the small and simple.
Hidden from the public gaze for over a decade, Garland´s clandestine activity ended in 2017 with an invitation from Izabel Caligiore of Amsterdam-based Lullabies for Insomniacs label. Their debut Preludes #1 has been released in early 2018 and they are scheduled to release their second LP in the series in the early spring of 2019.

Garland Press Selection:
“An intoxicating journey, guided by sloshing percussion and probing bass plongs thru lysergically dubbed-out electro-acoustic dimensions and keening microtonal ‘tronics.” (

“If you like experimental electronics in any form this one is worth your time.” (

“(An) electronica wasteland full of micro-grooves and reverb-drenched found sounds.” (

“Here’s an l.p. of mysterious and smoked-out computer jazz, disembodied house shuffles, and slightly nervous ambience.” (