Hans W Koch & Dirk Specht

The Earworm Experiment



Earthworms appear on the surface, when the rain drums the soil – a sound that the seagull uses to its advantage by performing a frantic tap dance. The bird then feeds on the poor misled worm. Which sounds does it need, to trick the earworm out of its hiding? Will the result be nutritious, delicious even?
Hans W. Koch (Cologne)
As an artist, hans w. koch prefers to deal with things in plain but not obvious view. He considers art to be sculpting thoughts in various materials, and personally favors the conceptual approach: “More thought, less material.” This can lead to the literal use of a laptop as a musical instrument or a translation of music theory into a physical circle of 12 loudspeakers, as he did in his sound installation “Circle of Fifths”. His works have been commissioned by and presented at numerous international festivals. Since 2016 hans w. koch has been a Professor of Sound at the Academy for Media Arts in Cologne.
Dirk Specht (Cologne)
Dirk Specht started working with sound on 4-track-tapemachines and with cheap sampling gear (before becoming involved with analogue synths) to write music for dance and sound art projects. He is interested in all spheres of experimental music, sonic research, and other playful reverberations. Specht’s body of work includes electronic and electroacoustic compositions, field recording and soundscape-pieces, ars acustica and radio dramas, sound installations, recordings with ensembles, bands, and artist collectives, soundtracks for visual projects, and free improvisation.

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