Ignaz Schick & Oliver Steidle

(Zarek - GER)


Ignaz Schick and Oliver Steidle started collaborating as Ilog around 2013/2014 with celebrated concerts in the Berlin experimental underground. Their first album on Boomslang Records was released in 2015 and since then the two have been performing on and off concerts & tours in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and the USA. In the meantime they also collaborated with the Norwegian bass maverick Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten and German sound artist Jan-Peter Sonntag and slowly developed new and fresh material. 

While the first record and their early music was clearly rooted in the noise and power play tradition with harsh and intense cut-ups in the meantime they have subtly refined their approach. Their music now displays multi-layers of crisp rhythm, sophisticated noise, de- and re- constructed beats and finely processed and manipulated electro-acoustic samples combining a fresh approach to turntablism and sampling with highly virtuoso drumming. The music of Ilog2 is unique, one of its kind and hard to label and draws inspiration from jazz, improvisation, noise and electro-acoustic music but at the same time postulates a new form of abstracted avant beat which clearly pays tribute to hip hop, dubstep, house or any other form of deep and cosmic groove. Still the music you hear is performed in real time with no pre- or post studio production.

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