Carte Blanche to Ben UFO

(Tanum, R&S – UK)

Producer and DJ , originally from the north of England, who has lived in London for over a decade, where he was initially inspired to try and produce music by his experiences attending FWD and DMZ. His first record was released on R&S records in 2011, following which he established his own label, Tanum, which has released 4 records of his music to date. He is part of the 1-800-Dinosaur DJ crew, with whom he has played across the UK, Europe and North America, including regular nights at Plastic People until its closure at the end of 2014. From 2014 to 2017, Klaus and friends built Tanum Sound System, which they use mostly for free events and fundraisers around London.
As a DJ, Klaus tends to focus on the many styles of sound system music that have evolved in the UK – from UK roots music through jungle & garage to more recent mutations – while his productions are usually more abstract explorations of rhythm, space and sub frequencies, always underpinned by a dub ethos.