Miki Yui

(Line, E/Static - GER/JP)


Miki Yui

Artist/musician from Tokyo based in Duesseldorf Germany.

Delicate signals, from a tiny hiss to a distant hum are crafted into  pieces of music
charged with narrative tension. Ever since her first album in 1999 she developed her own unique style of composition, electronics, field recordings and recorded sounds, minimalistic and organic, she balances between subtle nuances and  turbulent hooks.   Miki Yui invites listeners to mesmerize in acoustic spaces, rich of abstract and narrative.

Parallel to her own solo work, she plays duo with Carl Stone as Realistic Monk, and also takes care of her former partner Klaus Dinger´s Archive.

Her 6th solo album will be released from Cusp Editions in autumn 2017.

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