29.08 – 01.09


Nika Schmitt

presents Sweet Zenith

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Nika Schmitt (1992), born in Luxembourg, is since 2017 an independent sound artist. Currently based in Rotterdam, she makes site specific electromechanical installations and kinetic sculptures. After receiving her high school diploma in 2012 (International Baccalaureate (IB)), she started her “Bachelor of Fine Arts” in 2013 at the “Academy of Fine Arts and Design” in Maastricht (NL). Site specific projects, such as the research trip to Dakar for the “Biennale of Contemporary Art in Senegal-Dak’art” in 2016 helped Nika to develop her artistic practise. Along her study program she became a vocalist in the experimental music band “Otomax” and launched with two other artists Mike Moonen and Don Possen, the fashion line “Dominik”. In July 2017, Nika completed her “Bachelor of Fine Arts” cum laude and received the “Gilbert de Bontridder Prijs 2017″ award. Exhibitions like “Artspotting” at the DNB in Amsterdam and “Fresh Cacao” at the “De Cacaofrabriek” in Helmont (NL) followed the same year. Subsequently, Nika Schmitt received the ‘Sonotopia !award for sound installations in 2018. As part of the prize, she exhibited the site specific work ‘locus motus! in a solo show at the exhibition space ‘Fabrik 45’ in Bonn(DE). In 2019 Nika started her master program at the ‘interfaculty Art- Science’ in the Hague(NL). Besides other shows she also displayed the side specific sound installation ‘Echotrope !at the ‘Philharmonie Luxembourg’ and in the pavilion ‘safe & sorry! on behalf of the #rainy days 2019! festival. At the beginning of 2020, alongside her studies Nika Schmitt took part in the artist residency ‘sonic explorers’ (Dakar (SE)). Especially the solo show ‘Radau Radar’ at Annexe22 (LU) on feedback noise has marked her practise. In 2021 Nika graduated with the work ‘LOOP’ and received the ‘ArtScience Master Prize’.

Currently, Nika researches, in the context on the art residency ‘Expeditions in Specific Territories’ in the port cities of Montevideo (UY) and Rostock (DE), the concept and use of renewable vs. finite energy sources. The goal of Nika Schmitt’s recent work is to demonstrate processes in the physical world through energy transformations, material wear and tear or self-destruction in machines. Combined with elementary principles of physics the works mimmic complex dynamics of the universe through slapstick-alike mechanic performances.

Sweet Zenith will be shown at IKOB during all days of the festival (11.00 – 19.00)


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