Nika Son

Sky Walking Showcase

(Sky Walking, VIS, Golden Pudel - GER)

After leaving her hometown in the south of Germany in early years, moving to England and back again, Nika Son headed up north and started to visit Hamburg art school. First active in drawing/installation she finished her studies predominantly as a sound artist.
Influenced by Musique Concrète and the outer space of electronic music, her compositions are built from manipulated and fragmented fieldrecordings, interweaving with analogue synth lines, knocking radiowaves, rare voice scraps and filtered tape layers.
As a DJ (Nikae) she also runs two regular nights at the notorious Hamburg Golden Pudel Club since 2011 (Next Time & Noctuidae) and releases her music on her own label Noctui.
Compilation appearances on differing labels, such as MMODEMM, Sky Walking, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray…
Her newest collaborative project is called C with the musician F#X. Their first EP has been released 2016 on VIS label.