Ōgon Batto

dublab special

(Hare Akedod - BE)

Following his debut release, Ōgon Batto aka Antwerp resident Bent Von Bent and co-runner of the Hare akedod label, secretly started working on a second magnum opus; his first took almost 2 years to finish.. The sounds gathered on this debut; a magnetic shiner released in 2014, are rooted deeply in the subconscious with it’s nightmarish fever blues and goldplated shimmering rays of electronic fuzzwash.  The new Ōgon Batto album on the other hand, hightly remniscent of Japanese soundtracks, 90’s adventuregaming and some hidden Tintin-twists, will be released on Aguirre Records in fall 2017.
listen to his debut album here: