Pavel Milyakov

(PSY X, TTT, Smalltown Supersound – RUS)


Pavel Milyakov is an electronic artist and music producer from Moscow, whose contributions have seen him rise as a formative figure of Russia’s electronic music scene. 

Summoning the pseudonym Buttechno for his extensive research and hyper-focused framing of rhythm-based music, he has performed at venues such as De School, Bassiani and Berghain. 

2019 saw the artist confrm his position on the international scene, gracing esteemed festivals like CTM, Terraforma and Berlin Atonal, where he showcased an outstanding exploration of sound and light. 

Recently his focus has shifted toward experiments released under his birth name Pavel Milyakov. Here he fnds a more experimental angle, creating abstract and freeform pieces that refect his desire to create complex conceptual works, where sound sits alongside visual artwork representing the music across varied spaces using the possibilities of both sound and light. 

Milyakov’s most recent work is the forthcoming double LP “MASSE MÉTAL” on Will Bankhead‘s Trilogy Tapes label, a record which best embodies his current sound and approach to music.

©Olaksandra Tryshina
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