Meakusma Festival

01 – 04
September 2022


Plic Ploc

(Panoptica festival – BE)

Dublab special


Living in Liège (BE), plicploc started out as an ambient/electronica selector for the local radio show “Émission sans nom” on late sunday evening at the beginning of the century. Then, he coordinated and he was head of programme of the Panoptica festival – electronic music and visuals (2002-2006), where were invited emerging artists from the braindance/IDM/electronica/ambient scene, and VJs. Since then, he occasionaly offers atmospheric, nostalgic, and melodious sets. These are influenced by ambient, modern classical, exotica, hauntology, fields recordings and other emotionally-oriented musical genres with drones, drops, nature sounds, and sweet or hypnotic melodies. From time to time he includes more uplifting and dancing tunes (IDM, braindance, acid techno, pointillistic trance, glitch,…). He likes to share his musical tastes in the middle of nowhere, in old abandonned buildings, or at cosy venues with vintage sofas, plants, and homemade fruit juices… Since 2016 he is also involved in the Supervue festival where he is electronic music programming consultant, and resident DJ. In a parallel world, Raphaël is a researcher in artificial intelligence and computer vision

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