Dublab Special

(Future Vintage - NL)

For almost a decade, Radna has been hosting the radio show Future Vintage, that since 2010 found its home at Red Light Radio, broadcasting live from the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Aside from being a dj and radio host, Radna is also active as a curator who resides in – borrowing the words of Lucy Lippard here – ‘that gap between art and life where I like to hang out’, stimulating new encounters between bodies, buildings, artists and audiences. Radna is co-founder of Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, an online radio station dedicated to the arts, and founded in 2015 the Online Radio Festival – bringing the forefront of international radio initiatives together for collaborative broadcasts and music performances. Musically, she likes to make collages of the rare and the very known, youtube rips and vinyl records, the old and the contemporary, while not being afraid of romance.