Sea Urchin

(Kraak, Bokeh Versions - IT)


Sea Urchin is an art and music project by the Italian Francesco Cavaliere and the Egyptian-Austrian Leila Hassan.
Them Music is a journey into an inaccessible cosmos, an exploration of the unfathomable depths of the sea. It modulates sine waves, tapes and electro-acoustic devices, and turns fluorescent minerals, mirrors, objects and materials into projections that are constantly changing and sustaining their foggy dub n’ poetry unique style.
Starting in 2011 creating dragon water music cassettes ( a series of tapes in relation with objects, writings and textiles) in 2016 KRAAK records release their first full length album, Yaqaza, an arabic word for daydream. Yaqaza is a magic realist frame narrative, 10 songs dedicated to specific topics, territories and characters: the Sicilian salt miners and their muscle mirror glasses, Bolaji Badejo the first “Alien” actor back in 1979 and the Queen of Raï music Cheba Nouria an unknown Algerian pop star who recorded some of the most beautiful disco maghreb songs back in the 80’s.

©© Philippe Gerlach
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