(Opal Tapes – BE)

Selm are Thomas and Nicolas Giets, two brothers from Eupen, Belgium that have been releasing music since the mid 00s, first under the Egotopia guise and then as Rony & Suzy. Selm sees them take a different path into industrial, noise and at times even tribal experimentation. Deliberately repetitive and made with minimal means, their musical phrasing delves into energy and introspection. At times cavernous, at times extremely dry, rhythmic bursts and chosen moments of sequenced melodic patterns and space give their tracks a meditative, even sedative effect. Uncomfortable choosing between the club and the mind, Selm appeals to both. Theirs is the musical sketch turned centerpiece, intuition turned statement, noise turned reflection, distortion turned beauty. Their rhythmic drive a play on the industrial thump as well as on the highly sequenced straightforward kick of 90s techno, Selm’s music is purposely contradictory.
Their debut album ‘Kreise’ was released on Opal Tapes on January 18, 2019.