(Meandyou, Discontent - LU)


Nowadays based in Luxembourg, Sensu has for years been one of the voices of the electronic music underground in Belgium. He originally started out as an experimental ambient DJ, but quickly refocused his ambitions, adding club music to his palette. Originally influenced by the Berlin Techno sound of the Nineties, he quickly reached beyond, always choosing a less direct path to get his message across. Avant-garde and modern classical music are still close to his heart, a love often shown in his eclectic DJ sets. Over the past few years, he has also been delving into Disco and Industrial music.
Sensu has held residencies in Recyclart, Café Belga and Wax Club in Brussels and frequently plays in other venues and cultural centers all over Belgium. Also a promotor in his own right, he is one of the founding members of the Manna and Plain collectives, bringing original and leftfield artists to Belgium, often for the first time. Together with his brother, he runs the Belgian label Testtoon Records. He is also a frequent meakusma collaborator as a DJ and writer and has just joined the new party and event collective Black Wigwam, aimed at organizing underground house parties in Brussels.

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