(A Colourful Storm, Blackest Ever Black – AUS)


Silzedrek is the latest in a long list of aliases of Tarquin Manek. This project was conceived to explore clarinet
and bass clarinet in a live setting utilising the Eastern European and Roma sonorities of the artist’s heritage.
As a mainstay and central gure in the current Oz underground scene Manek is adept at employing higher dub logic to the rough juxtapositions and seemingly abrupt left turns his performances can take. Ultimately Silzedrek presents a deeply personal synthesis of time-dilating folk-jazz romanticism, heavy chamber dub and sense of smoked out inner space projected to the outer in cosmic proportions. Gwen’s Pen was featured in The Wire Tapper 56. 

An active collaborator, Manek’s shared projects include: 

Bum Creek F ingers Tarcar Kallista Kult 

w/ Sam Karmel (CS & Kreme) and Trevelyan Clay w/ Sam Karmel and Carla dal Forno
w/ Carla dal Forno
w/ Sam Karmel and YL Hooi 

And selected production and mixing work: 

Carla dal Forno – You Know What It’s Like 

Album co-produced by Tarquin Manek and Carla dal Forno 

YL Hooi – Untitled 

Album co-produced by Tarquin Manek and YL Hooi 

Jonnine Standish (HTRK) – Blue Hills 

Album mixed by Tarquin Manek

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