Splitter Orchester

In collaboration with Ostbelgienfestival

(Mikroton, Gagarin - GER)

Founded in 2010 in Berlin, the Splitter Orchester is comprised of internationally renown composers, interpreters, improvisers and performers, drawing inspiration from a variety of genres, most noticeably contemporary and improvised music. Their palette is broad, using traditional, electronic and tailor-made instruments. All members and participants of the Splitter Orchester choose not to work within an institutionalised framework, putting the existing hierarchies of the musical establishment into question. All performers have solo performance, recording and installation projects going, their work in general a very encompassing overview of what avantgarde music stands for in the 21st century.
The Berlin-based Splitter Orchester will play twice. On Saturday evening they will perform a collective, improvised session and on Sunday, in the late afternoon, they will be world-premiering their Split Tour project. Split Tour features 21 individual audio tracks, one for each performer, each with a unique narrative, guiding the musicians through the piece sonically and performatively. The 21 audio tracks are played via separate playback devices with each musician hearing only their personalised audio track on headphones, and not those of the other performers. Each 40-minute individual and subversive track provides specific instructions and guide lines for musical perfomance through narration. Split Tour is thus a sonic tour for orchestra, score, conductor and composer all in one. Staging the Split Tour project is easily the biggest production Meakusma has ever done.