(Ekster, Vlek, Leaving Records - BE)


Step forward Francois Boulanger, a young man who one day discovered SoundForge and never looked back since, transforming himself into various musical entities in the process. First there was Kingfisherg which soon enough led to Cupp Cave, an alias that originally brought him to the attention of a hungry worldwide scene thanks to its chunky, hip hop inspired rhythms.
Seemingly not one to stand still for very long, Francois decided to continue his musical mutations further with yet another alias, Ssaliva. Releasing primarily on Belgian labels Vlek Recordings and Surf Kill as well as L.A’s Leaving Records, Ssaliva’s musical world is in a way far removed from Cupp Cave’s. Beatless and atmospheric would be two obvious adjectives to use when talking about Ssaliva’s music, an ethereal sonic world inhabited by ideas made real and which take their full potential when experienced live. It’s as experimental as anything he has done under other names, yet to simply label it as such would be underselling its potential.

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