The International Nothing

(Ftarri – DE)

Kai Fagaschinski | clarinet & composition
Michael Thieke | clarinet & composition
The International Nothing is a Berlin-based psycho-acoustic clarinet duo formed by Michael Thieke and Kai Fagaschinski in 2000. They collectively compose multilayered sound sculptures using multiphonics, beat frequencies and difference tones as an integral part of their language. Both musicians are well known as improvisers but in this project they develop and perform exclusively their own compositions.
Every four years the duo releases an album on the Japanese Ftarri Label. In 2018 they are presenting their fourth duo album In Doubt We Trust. While each of the previous releases consisted of several shorter pieces the duo is now going epic for the first time. The new album is made of a single work of 37 plus minutes. 2 1⁄2 years of deep sonic research in seclusion not only yielded a formal change, but also revealed new and yet unheard acoustic scenarios in slow pace and of fragile beauty.
Despite their branching out into new territories some things always stay the same with The Nothin’: All you hear is two clarinets – no overdubs, no electronic manipulation … and no improvisation.
Review :
“The duo’s progression from release to release is subtle, but with The Dark Side Of Success there’s a confident warmth in the music, an almost romantic richness heard in the way the pieces unravel, still with clarity and simplicity, but an increasingly intricate, fragile structure. Such focused, concentrated collaborations are necessarily rare in improvised music, and it’s heartening to hear two skilled musicians create music of such depth and intense beauty.”
Richard Pinnell (THE WIRE)