Therese Frosch


Con.Fusion — Deformation creates Diversity.  The frequency of motion and waves flotating in b’tween.

The Viscosity of Fluids is defined as the Force in their resistance to deformation. Liquid Colours propagating in the space of oscillating water interfering with floating Oil and Ethanol. A moment of stresssets the fluids in motion and forces their deformation. The moment of Force creates waves on the surface, traveling at the speed of Light. Form follows Flow. Shapes and Figures arise and multiply. The Installation surveys how the deflected Radiation relate to the frequency of the fluid motion.
Inspired by Foucault’s Friendship as away of Life, the various spectrum of diversity and the marvelous colours around us.

Therese Frosch is a freelancer and works with different people and collectives around Europe. She realises Projects with various performative Strategies, works as a Performer, Figure player and cultural pedagogy. 

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