Thomas Defise

(Les Flâneurs - BE)


Young music enthusiast from Liège, hungry of sound explorations, started to express himself in small bars in 2015.
In 2018, he co-started a musical the collective “Les Flâneurs” which aims to explore genres that are less exposed in Liege, by throwing parties all over the different bars and clubs in Liege and inviting guest such as Pasiphae, Jasmìn, Gamma Intel and Max Abysmal.
End of 2018, he was asked to be the resident DJ of the Hybrid events which enabled him to play next to Le Motel, Christian Loffler and Otha.
This led him to play after the prestigious Sun Ra Arkestra, passing by Red Light Radio and to stop by Lille’s craziest Aperomix parties.
Besides playing music, Thomas is also known to dedicate his time to help non-profit music events as well as a natural wine bar called “Blaes” which brings a small taste of a listening bar on Liège.

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