Waltraud Blischke

Dublab Special

(Cologne - GER)

Waltraud Blischke is a DJ for over two decades, cooperated with Cologne music institutions like a-Musik and the music label Baumusik. She is a lecturer at the Institute For Music And Media in Dusseldorf and for other projects, was author and co-editor for Testcard, organized little partys and concerts, framed by the independent cultural scene. She is in love with eclectic experimental DJ sets and subwoofer but keeps a strong humility for dancing bodies. She was host for live shows in Cologne with artists like Haco,Tarnovski, Miki Yui, Decha, Hiele or SFV Acid, several DJ mixes for Dublab, NTS Radio and others. One of her projects this year was a composed sound installation for spatial, played in the art space Auditorium at subway station Heinrich-Heine-Allee in Dusseldorf. For her set at Meakusma she’ll prepare sounds directed by „zippered music“.