(Kassem Mosse, Mix Mup & Tapes – GER/UK)

Dublab special


ZIGTRAX see themselves as an interface between each other. By merging focus, excellence and aimlessness they create their own possibilities to explore sound in its many variations. ZIGTRAX is forward-thinking, interdisciplinary, allroundinist, performative, hybrid, positive and materializing. ZIGTRAX creates ecstasy as well as reflexion, letting go as well as alliance building.
From September 6 until September 8 2019 the second edition of ZIGTRAX will manifest as a sonic event in Eupen. With the topic no_cops_no_realities, it will investigate different perspectives on sonic politics, musical positions, reclamation, invisibility and empowerment.
How can sounds be deharmonized and tunes be abolished? How can structural inequality be desonified? Which musical manifestations exists apart from the underground? How can the gaps in your bit depth be made audible?
Together we search for new answers: with a multifaceted performance of club sounds, violin concertos, workshops, diversions and the installation of musical instruments, we are aiming to reinterpret norms, deconstruct identities and tighten discourses.
Team: Jameson Baileys, Laurent Linder, Gunther Wenzel

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