A Trio

(Al Maslakh, Roaratorio – LB)

Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui & Raed Yassin


“A” Trio is probably the oldest Lebanese improv group. Formed in 2002 for a concert during “Irtijal’02”, they went on to record the first free jazz CD to be produced in the arab world (“A”, La Cédéthèque, 2003). Their music later moved away from its jazz roots towards a more textural approach, relying strongly on prepared & extended techniques for a heavy diversion of their respective instruments. After a decade of working together in trio and various other contexts, Kerbaj, Sehnaoui & Yassin have finally reached a very caracteristic sound that has prompted one Swedish journalist to say “this is textural swing!”. Creative yet simple, acoustic yet powerful, their live performances are very playful and rely on a strong visual component.

In 2012, and for their 10th anniversary, the “A” Trio will finally release its second album on their own label: Al Maslakh records.

“A” Trio has widely toured in Europe and the USA, performing in festivals such as “Skanu Mesz” in Riga, “Club Transmediale” in Berlin or “Météo” in Mulhouse.

Individually, Kerbaj, Sehnaoui and Yassin are three of Lebanon’s most active musicians, organizing the “Irtijal” international festival since 2001 and running two record labels: “Al Maslakh” devoted to “publish the un-publishable” on the Lebanese musical scene. And “Annihaya”, that focuses on sampling, recycling and the displacement of various aspects of popular culture.

The “A” Trio has so far collaborated with: folk singer/musician Alan Bishop, improv pioneers AMM, Lebanese punk-rock band Scrambled Eggs, Turkish free jazz band KonstruKt, French poet Patrick Dubost as well as various musicians including Michael Zerang, David Stackenas, Martin Kuchen, Georg Wissel & Tony Buck

Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet

Sharif Sehnaoui: acoustic guitar

Raed Yassin: double-bass

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