Ajukaja & Ats

( Porridge Bullet, IDA - EST)


Ajukaja and Ats are long-serving movers and shakers of the Estonian underground. Both vital in catering the deepest funky shit for Tallinn night mutants by promoting events from Moodymann and Zomby to The Space Lady and Hype Williams. Radio is also relevant for the two – Ajukaja has been working at and steering his show Vibratsioon on national Raadio 2 for over 20 years, while Ats started on the same channel on Ajukaja’s invitation a decade ago and is now part of the trio who started online station IDA. They have only recently added a monthy 2-hour show on Charlie Bones’s Do!! You!!! Radio to this list.

Add running record labels Porridge Bullet and MIDA to the mix plus DJ’ing together regularily and you can probably guess why these two started making music together. As they share a studio and common interest in out of the ordinary dance music, they’ve recorded piles of muddy house–experiments on old, not functioning and barely functioning apparatus.

First fruits of these jams are twelve-inch “Signal EP” (2021, MIDA) and “Maha” cassette (2022, Porridge Bullet). Why not quote Boomkat for the cause: “Brilliantly skewed deep house, wobbly acidic weirdness and free-floating rhythum tracks by Tallinn, Estonia’s finest.”

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