Benjamin Freeney

(Foom - UK)


Founder and A&R of the Foom label, with releases by Matthew Herbert, Micachu, Oliver Coates, Bruno Pronsato, Rhys Chatham, Peter Gordon, Peter Zummo, Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras.

Producer of the Arthur Russell’s Instrumentals European and Australian tours of 2015-16. Musicians included Rhys Chatham, Peter Gordon, Peter Zummo, Ernie Brooks, Gavin Russom, Nik Void and Tim Burgess. The tours marked the first time Instrumentals 

had been performed outside of USA.

Co-produced the Bruno Pronsato collaboration with Liars’ Angus Andrew “Brighter Than Her Daughter” in 2017.

Released Temperature High (Benjamin Freeney Versions) in 2020, a suite of reworks of Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon’s “Temperature High” featuring Arthur Russell collaborators Mustafa Ahmed and Peter Zummo, on percussion and trombone, respectively.

Collaborated with Bruno Pronsato on the track “Ode To Street Hassle,” from the album Do It At Your Funeral, released on Perlon in 2021.

Arranged four tracks on Melchior & Pronsato’s Nijinski Picnic series, upcoming on Foom in 2022.

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