François Winants

pres. Vertical Environnement

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

For over 15 years, the Belgian artist François Winants has been blending mixing art, science and nature to produce works that challenge our perceptions, question the notion of environment and involve climate variations.
Inspired by field recording and Science, François Winants has developed visualization projects focused on Hrz waves, seismic waves and the atmosphere. The artworks use the data, the physical and the chemical. 

Vertical environment is a project integrating prototype stations in the variations between the forest and the atmosphere. The stations focus on evapotranspiration, aerodynamics, air variations and the forest as a wetland, with artworks such as Dessins des cimes, Mobiles solaires and Aérographie. 
The project explores the invisible and imperceptible movements of the environment. It brings a visualization of variations as a contact to silence. 

François Winants was born in 1987 in Belgium, he studied visual arts at La Cambre Brussels. He has exhibited at the Art & Marges museum and Iselp in Brussels (BE, 2014), at the Kikk festival in Namur (BE, 2019), at Artsouterrain in Montreal (CA, 2020).

You can find the installation here : 50°37’15.2″N 6°02’23.4″E

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