29.08 – 01.09


House of Traps

(Firecracker - UK)

Dublab special


Lindsay Todd, who assumes the name House of Traps in the booth, for his artistic endeavors and for his NTS radio show “Into the Outer”, is also the man behind a collection of the most iconic releases to exist in recent times. The inimitable Firecracker Recordings and its subsidiary Unthank, is a label that has established itself with a very unique identity and worldwide following from its Edinburgh headquarters, where music and visual art conspire to create some of the most fulfilling and complete recorded musical experiences across both labels.
In the last two years alone, as owner of Firecracker & Unthank and co-owner of Sacred Summits he has brought to light the previously ‘cassette-bound’ sounds of Dutch pioneers Psychik Warriors ov Gaia, the new but true Vancouver hero Lnrdcroy, revered Linkwood LP ‘Expressions’, abstract meeting of archeology, drone and electronics ‘Mac-Talla Nan Creag’, Healing Force Project’s rude yet sophisticated example of modern jazz-fusion ‘Gravitational Lensing’, fried techno-ambience from Holovr, genre-defying drone, concrete and proto-dance of duo ‘Les Gracies’ and recently, the expansive retro-future dance opus ‘Modern Species’ from Aarhus’s DJ Sports. Spreading the music/work across his various projects, the sound that H.O.T. is pushing remains so cohesive that each project elevates those before and after.
Echoing these same sentiments as a DJ, with two decades’ experience and a finely tuned ear for the deepest corners of dance, he is able to move in wide berths around genrefied notions of the dance floor. But, above all else House Of Trap’s main concern is your body and it’s kinetic potential. Get in touch!



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