John T. Gast

(Planet Mu, Blackest Ever Black – UK)

Carte Blanche to Ben UFO

“John T. Gast has had solo and collaborative releases on a number of labels (inc. Blackest Ever Black, Apron, Planet Mu, Men Scryfa, Trilogy Tapes & All Bone) next to his own 5 Gate Temple. Process, execution, post-production and eventually format all seem to be given equal thought and importance. Recently coined by one reviewer as ‘Dub-wisened’, possibly referring to the channel heavy production and performance methods.” Mark
“Biggest chief ever. Wants discount because he takes 4 items. He gets discount. Postman drops his parcel, wich occur a small bend to cover and goes with a negative feedback ! Don’t accept orders from he or big nightmare will start.” Ijahroots

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