Leila Hassan

(Sea Urchin – AUT/GER)


Leila Hassan is an audio visual artist. She use voice as a key element for her music with a unique bifocal touch. On one side she produce in her visual works textiles pieces and ceramic objects, mixing new medias like video and audio recordings in her sonic projects. she produce live screenings with light, lenses, glass and other raw materials. 

On the other side she is performing in a band, dubbing characters in readings and sound pieces like radio plays and experimental movies, in her poetry and interpretation of popular music like RAI 80 ́s lo fi Pop and Dub music. Her constant creative change in solo works and music collaboration allow to perform and produce tracks and dialects, slang, phrases like fantasy stories and languages. Founder with Francesco Cavaliere of the music & art project 

Sea Urchin, she lives and works in Berlin.

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