Lilly Joel

(Sub Rosa – BE)

Plays the Organ


Lilly Joel Plays the Organ is the most recent project of the Brussels-Paris based improv duo Lilly Joel. After their debut album ‘What Lies In the Sea’ (Sub Rosa 2015), Lilly Joel trades its electronic set-up for a semi-acoustic one, exchanging the fender rhodes with a church organ and shifting its repertoire from improvised music towards a repertoire inspired by the medieval composer Hildegard Von Bingen. Although the music and the context in which it is performed may seem drastically different from Lilly Joel’s original outline, it remains loyal to the duo’s oneiric universe, blending effortlessly a passion for sound exploration with a highly personal approach to compositions out of various styles and eras. The narrative that connects this colourful selection of music relates to the vital spirit of Hildegard Von Bingen whose writings, paintings and music are a festive celebration of life and nature in their many forms.

©Yvan Mahieu
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