Nico Bogaerts

(Radio Panik - BE)


In 1992 Our Man From Brussels has been asked  to join the new radio show called Moacrealsloa to spin records. All kind of never before heard sounds found there way to the Brussels air waves. Some experts invented the word “sonoclast” to describe the eclectic taste of this guy.

In 2017 he celebrated the 24th birthday of this show with an air wave marathon that ran for 24-hours straight. Dozens of guests and 19 live acts were present to made an unforgettable ear-gasm..

After more then a quater of a century, digging deeper then the deepest known underground, he still find the most incredible treasures from all around the world.

Hundreds of artists came to his show like Otomo Yoshihide, Aidan Baker, Hoppy Kamiyama, Carl Stone, Leo Küpper, Miki Yui, Okkyung Lee, Peter Cusack, Ryoko Akama, Awott, Bonnie Jones, Julia Kent, Baudoin Oosterlynck, Jean Claude Risset,  ….. and an incredible list of interviews with artists like Steven Stapleton, William Bennett, Hermann Nitsch, Oren Ambarchi, Lee Ranaldo, Peter Rehberg, Thomas Ankersmit, Little Annie, Andrew Lilles, Marshall Allen, Baby Dee, David Thomas, Bruce McClure, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Lucrecia Dalt, …..

©© Laurent Orseau
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